Latest Update

Due to the latest policy update from the Transport Department, a permit to run between Pak Shek Kok Promenade and Tai Wong Yeh Temple was not granted. Therefore, the course will now only take place along Pak Shek Kok Promenade. The starting time of the 10.11km run is also adjusted accordingly to reduce the number of runners on the route and ensure the safety of each participant. Please click “Event page” tap for more details.

We have made every effort not to divert the course much. We apologise for any inconvenience that may cause.

About the event

Every little step counts, together we can make a big step forward in advancing girls' rights! This Easter holiday, Plan International Hong Kong will be co-organising with Cosmopolitan again to bring "Run for Girls" back in the form of a physical run at the Hong Kong Science Park.

The event aims to fight for and promote girls' rights, protect girls in developing countries from discrimination, inequality and violence. Over 4,500 participants had joined the run since 2017. Fund raised this years will be used to support our anti-child marriage projects in Bangladesh.

By joining a 10.11km or 3km run, you can save a Bangladeshi girl from child marriage with a five-month scholarship. She will be able to stay at school and continue her studies, as well as living out her life in the future.

Volunteer Ambassadors
Stephy Tang
Nancy Wu
Jennifer Yu
Phil Lam
Run Details
Public Run
  • Female/Male 10.11km Individual Run
  • Female 3km Individual Run
  • Female Bestie 3km Group Run (2-4 persons)
Adult HK$
Family Run
  • Family 1km Fun Run
Adult HK$
Child HK$
Corporate Run
  • Corporate 3km Group Run
  • Corporate Male 10.11km Individual Run
  • Corporate Female 10.11km Individual Run
By Invitation Only. Please contact Ms. Lai for further information (3405 5342 / koei.lai@plan.org.hk)
Enrollment deadline
2023.3.19. (23:59)
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